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The Benefit

distinguishes itself as a reliable partner supporting you generate your durability plan through it's thought management in this place, capacity to co-create and innovate solutions, rich durability and sector domain skills and an established collaboration ecosystem to deliver end-to-end methods:

  • • We've released a number of thought management content on the major opportunities across sectors in shifting to a reduced carbon economy.

  • • Utilizing a verified collaboration framework, we positively build a robust partner ecosystem around all our solution zones that cover numerous growing durability technology zones.

What NSM Offers

We, at TCS, deliver eco-sustainability solutions to companies in the pursuing dimensions:

Durability Technique and Threat Management: We assist you in framing up your technique by seeking at durability like a lever for new development channels and expense maximization through resource efficiency. Furthermore, we support you determine dangers for the company from a durability viewpoint and develop techniques to minimize these dangers. We also suggest IT interventions that handle the problems in delivering the sustainability technique.

Sustainable Operations: We know the region of consumption performance and optimization across assets like materials, power (traditional, eco-friendly and minimal carbon energy), waste and water. We assist you to handle the process problems and improve the visibility of durability information to enable you to improve your sustainability efficiency.

In these durability dimensions, we offer the following solutions:

  • • Durability Performance Administration: Defining techniques and programs to properly manage durability efficiency of companies

  • •Energy Administration: Integrated energy administration over the entire energy administration lifecycle - diagnostics, checking and metering, energy efficiency application, monitoring reporting and confirmation

  • •Dealer Sustainability Administration: Designing dealer durability methods and implementing programs to handle dealer durability info and to create awareness for operating product stewardship

Customer Challenges

  • • Minimal working capital and minimal threat preference: With rates of interest becoming high and the demand to offer collaterals, small and medium business find it hard to invest in Information technology infrastructure.

  • • Costly and unstable IT expertise: With the Information technology freelancing growth in numerous countries, Information technology expertise is greatly interested in large enterprises and Information technology system companies. A depleting expertise resource is resulting in increasing salaries and greater attrition ranges. SMBs thus find it hard to attract and preserve IT expertise.

  • • Islands of information point to the lack of an IT plan: SMBs make investments in IT, one app at a time, normally from various suppliers and thus absence a built-in system.

  • • Several IT suppliers with no complete accountability: In encounter of an IT challenge, several suppliers of various applications and expertise engage in pointing fingers.

  • • Continuous technology obsolescence: The transforming demands of a expanding organization require to be resolved to prevent technology obsolescence.

  • • Traditional methods and resistance to transform: SMBs are normally family owned and stick to traditional methods making it challenging to bring in change.

NSM utilized Understanding Needs

NSM utilizes a strategic approach which has been implemented along with industry and advanced technology expertise to establish and execute technology alternatives that add measurable business value, and retain customers.