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Cloud Solutions


Companies are adopting cloud to take advantage from the scalability, receptiveness and cost-effectiveness that cloud-computing delivers. The improvement to a cloud setting is a considerable business task that has a great impression on the manner IT companies run and the manner services are provided to company users.

We consider cloud as a model that allows companies to run more proficiently, while also allows a service-oriented IT delivery system, triggering enhanced responsiveness to business requirements.

Cloud-computing as a style of processing offers the following advantages:


  • Standard, IT-based potential given by "off the shelf" and commoditized hardware elements, usage of massive virtualization over processors - safe-keeping, key applications and production tools

  • Consumption-based payment based on precise usage, and "pay-per-use" overall costs, for really small contract intervals

  • Scalability

  • From the client viewpoint: The capability to "flex" and bring potential immediately

  •  From the supplier point of view: Build in "flexibility" and scale when needed

  •  Flexible accessibility models, for example web-based connections for management and consumption requirements, deliver simplicity of usage as an essential differentiator.


NSM utilized Understanding Needs

NSM utilizes a strategic approach which has been implemented along with industry and advanced technology expertise to establish and execute technology alternatives that add measurable business value, and retain customers.